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Seychelles Land Transport Agency

Huteau Lane, Victoria, P. O. Box 1385, Republic of Seychelles

Tel: (+248) 4224449/ 4373341, Fax: (+248) 43241464 /4373411/4321027






The Seychelles Land Transport Agency, Huteau Lane, Victoria, P.O. Box 1385, Mahé, Seychelles, is seeking to hire potential contractors for the daily functions of the agency primarily in asphalting operation works on Mahé and Praslin. Projects will be implemented as and when required by the Agency.


Below is the list of equipment required to execute the works.


  • Pick Up Truck (Tipper) 5 Tons and above
  • Excavator
  • Roller (1.5 Tons and above)


Interested suppliers/contractors who are willing to provide us with the services on the rates provided should forward a letter expressing their interest together with a copy of their valid license and ownership of the equipment listed above which is compulsory.


Below is the list of rates for Mahe:


Laying of asphalt


50 mm SR: 110/m2
40 mm SR: 90/m2
30 mm SR: 70/m2
Preparation Of Base SR: 100/m2


Below is the list of rates for Praslin:


Laying of asphalt


50 mm SR: 116/m2
40 mm SR: 95/m2
30 mm SR: 74/m2
Preparation Of Base SR: 105/m2



All suppliers/contractors will be shortlisted and work will be given on a rotational basis.


The contract duration will be for a period of two (2) years .

Submission of interest

Interested suppliers with valid licenses should convey their interest in sealed envelopes:


  1. Either by recorded delivery (official post office) addressed to:
  2. Or hand delivered addressed to:


The Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Land Transport Agency, P.O. Box 1385, Huteau Lane, Victoria, Mahe before Friday 23rd November,2018  at 1500 Hrs.


Please contact Mr. Cliff Telemaque (Mahe) on Tel No. +248 4373341 and Mr. Terry Volcere (Praslin) on Tel No. +248 4233037during working hours or email: and terry_volcere@hotmail.comfor further details.


All enquiries regarding the Asphalting work for SLTA should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Land Transport Agency, and P.O Box 1385 Huteau Lane. Tel +248 4224449, Fax: +248 4324146,email: -