Procurement Compliance and Management Sections

The main objective of this section is to promote the principles of transparency, equity, fairness and value for money in the use of public funds in procurement. This section is headed by a Senior Procurement Analyst and currently has four Procurement Analysts. The main functions of the section are as follows:

  • Formulate procurement policy
  • Monitor procurement methods and procedures
  • Issue policy directives and circulars
  • Issue standard forms of contract
  • Issue standard bidding documents
  • Vet bidding document and public notices to ensure that all necessary information is included in the document and that it complies to relevant laws
  • Issue Instructions to Public Bodies concerning the coordination of the actions towards Procurement
  • Authorise an entity to adopt an appropriate method of procurement based on various circumstances.
  • Recommend and facilitate the implementation of measures to improve the functioning of the procurements system
  • Ensure compliance with the Act

Prepare and conduct training programs for stakeholders

In addition to the above mentioned duties this section also ensures that all procurements above SR 150,000.00 that is forwarded to POU, have complied with the procurement rules and regulations before being forwarded to the respective approval authority which are the following:

Procurement Committee for Civil works

Procurement Committee Goods and Services

Procurement Committee for PUC

Procurement Committee for Consultancy Services

Procurement Committee for Landscape and Waste Management

This section also acts a mediator between the Ministries/Department and the Procurement committees.

Staff of the Procurement Compliance and Management