The Procurement Inspectorate was established on the 01st May, 2013 in accordance with Clause 12 of the Public Procurement Act 2008.

The Procurement Inspectorate is regulated by Clause 6 of the Public Procurement Regulations 2014 and has the following mandates;

  • Carry out periodic inspections/ procurement audits of procuring systems for all procuring entities, then make a report copied to the Director of the POU
  • Obtain any books/records/documents pertaining to procurement under inspection to furnish the unit with information needed to consider the true position of the public procurement
  • Seek explanation and gather evidence related to the public procurement under inspection
  • Inspect accounts/books of accounts of the procuring entity to ascertain nature of any public procurement transactions carried out by the entity/ contractual arrangements between entity & supplier

The objectives of the Procurement Inspectorate are;

  • To ascertain whether or not the Public Procurement Act & Regulations have been adhered to
  • To provide the Government and tax payers independent information/data, assurance and evidence that appropriate funds for public procurements are genuinely, legitimately and appropriately utilized to guarantee integrity, competitiveness, transparency, fairness and value for money
  • Identify weaknesses in the public procurement process and practices and to correct the observed anomalies; emphasize on adherence to laws, regulations, processes and guidelines

Depending on the nature of the audit being undertaken by the Procurement Inspectorate, the audit is guided by Clause 17 of the Public Procurement Regulations 2014 and evidence on the following are collected;

  • Project/Procurement Planning
  • Financing
  • Bidding Process
  • Bid Opening
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Awards
  • Payment to Suppliers/Contractors
  • Procurement Offences
  • Monitoring

Staff of the Procurement Inspectorate