Aggrieved Bidders

Bidders who feel aggrieved by a tender award have the following course of action to follow in the order below:




  • Write to the Chief Executive Officer or Principal Secretary of the procuring entity within ten (10) working days of the time the decision was communicated.
  • A fee of three hundred (300) Rupees is applicable and should accompany the letter to the respective entity.
  • The procuring entity in turn has ten (10) working days to attend to the challenge.




Apply to the Review Panel for appeal/review on the following address:

The Chairman - The Review Panel
C/o Procurement Oversight Unit
P.O. Box 313
1st Floor, Maison de Mahé

A fee of five hundred (500) Rupees in the name of (The Government of Seychelles) is applicable and should accompany the application.
The Review Panel has thirty (30) working days from the date of submission of the application to give its decision.

IMPORTANT: Once an appeal is lodged against a tender ALL proceeding will be put on hold until such time that the Review Panel has given a decision.



Judicial Review

The decision of the Review Panel is binding on all parties concerned, including the National tender Board but should the aggrieved bidder be still not satisfied then it can appeal to the judiciary for judicial review.