Procurement Plan

The Procurement Plan is an annual document which defines the products and services that a Public Body will obtain from external suppliers. A sound procurement plan helps a Procuring Entity to define their procurement requirements and to decide where and when to procure.

As per required by Clause 71 of the Public Procurement Act 2008, a Procuring Entity shall prepare a procurement plan for each financial year, be it Civil Works / Goods and Services or consultancy services.

The submitted procurement plan shall be in accordance of the entities approved budget for the Year. Procurement plans can be revised and updated during the course of the financial year, with regards to new arising projects, which was not initially listed.

In the light of fairness, transparency, the procurement plans of each Procuring Entity are published and made available to public. Through publication of the Procurement Plans, Interested bidders can be made aware of upcoming tenders and thus have ample time to prepare themselves to participate.

By publishing the plans, the general public is also made aware of the different projects to be undertaken by government within the Year and in turn gives a clearer picture of government spending.