Closing Date:
Tender closed.

The purpose of this procurement is to restock items used when executing its various promotional activities.

The proposed shortlisted bidders are as follows:

  1. Emirates Printing Press (UAE)
  2. Precigraph Limited (Mauritius)
  3. Explorer Publishing (UAE)
  4. Caractere Ltee (Mauritius)
  5. PASSAVIA (Germany)
  6. Nouvelle Imprimerie Dionysienne (Reunion)

Any potential bidder requiring any information on this procurement or wishing to participate in this procurement may contact or submit their interest containing the below submission requirements via email to the Tourism Department on

The following information must be submitted:

  1. Detailed profile of the company
  2. Printing production capability of the company
  3. List of similar projects undertaken over the past two years.

The deadline for submission of interest should be no later than 3pm on Friday 10th May 2024.

For any enquiries contact:           

Mr. Michel Agrippine

Tel: +248 4671300 (0800hrs 1600hrs)


This notice can also be viewed on,  and

The Tourism Department reserves the right to reject unqualified interested parties.